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Jan Rademakers
Maastricht Academy of Music
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& Governors
Jan Rademakers, Dean, is assisted by various members of staff in the day-to-day management of the Academy. Members of staff include the Head of the Classical Music programmes (John Slangen), Head of the Jazz/Pop programmes (Jan Formannoy) and head of Music in Education (Marc Rutten).

Maastricht Academy of Music is a Faculty within Zuyd University and falls under the competent authority of the Board of Governors.

Management team
Jan Rademakers
Jan Rademakers (1954) started at the Maastricht Academy of Music as an educationalist and successively became Head of Education, member of staff, Vice Dean and since September 2011 dean. Jan Rademakers is actively involved in international affairs as a Bologna expert for many European conservatoires and counsellor of the Erasmus Network for Music of the European Association of Conservatoires (AEC).

Jan Rademakers graduated in educational studies at Utrecht University and dedicated his postgraduate studies at the University of Groningen to the relationship between professional music education and quality assurance. He has since studied financial risk management, among others. 

He co-wrote the national education profile for Music (2003). He also participates in the European 'Humanities and Arts' project. This project is aimed at developing a common European Qualifications Framework for Life Long Learning, within the context of the Bologna process, for university programmes in humanities, languages and arts, including architecture.